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Monday, November 6th 2023, 6:18am

Discography in Italian

Hello friends, I'm new to the forum. I apologize for writing in English but my German is just not good enough.

I have a non-profit Youtube channel dedicated to full discographies in Italian language by non-Italian singers. For example my last entry last week was for Mireille Mathieu in Italian. There are also a couple of German singers: Katja Ebstein, Connie Froeboss and the half-German Peggy March

I really wish I could add more German speaking singers to my channel. These days I've been working on Udo Jürgens' discography in Italian. I identified 45 songs in total, but until now I was able to gather only 37. Thus my request is: can anybody in this forum help me complete Udo's discography in Italian by kindly sharing any of the missing tracks listed below?

- 1965 Credi (Einer wird gehen)
- 1965 Se non ti capirà (Quand l'amour nous tient)
- 1965 Diciotto anni, capelli biondi (Siebzen Jahr, blondes Haar)
- 1965 Non è che una rosa (So wie eine Rose)
- 1965 Nel mio mondo (Stay in my world)
- 1967 È tutto qui (Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf)
- 1967 Che vuoi che sia (Was ich dir sagen will)
- 1968 Tutto o niente (Morgen bist du nicht mehr allein)

Thanks for reading and best regards from Lugano